Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planning another Disney World trip!

At Christmas last year, we decided to plan another Disney trip that the kids will have to work for. We also told them that birthdays and Christmas in 2012 will be very light because of the upcoming trip, and they agreed to it. They are very excited! Last time we took them was May 2010.

They are earning this trip by filling in their personal "Mickey head" on the white board that consists of three parts: head, and two ears, like a Mickey Mouse head. But, it ended up evolving into a "Minnie Mouse head" with the addition of a bow on top of the heads since we have little girls, but they still only have to fill in the three parts. They get to fill in a part by being good, doing what they should be doing, doing their chores, staying on task with homework without complaining, etc. Once they fill in all three parts of their head, they get to move up a space on our "Disney Monopoly game board" that I made, and they get a new blank head to fill up again, and the process continues.

Disney Monopoly game board:

Every time they go around the board and pass Go, they get a picture from our last trip to put into their "passport books" and $4 of Mickey Money. Mickey Money is saved and will be used to help pay for their character breakfast, and any other stuff they'd like to buy while there.

Passport Book example:

They also have a "bad behavior Mickey head." If they are bad, they fill in a part on that head, and when it is full, they move backwards on the game board. It is to help encourage them to not do bad things. They get more "good Mickey" fill ins vs. the "bad Mickey" fill ins, so it seems to be working! :) They're usually good girls anyway, just have their moments. This system seems to help them to have less bad moments.

Once they get a certain amount of pictures in their passports, they will have earned their trip! :)

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